ZAG Art Foundation was born from the desire to support the development of the art of the Torres Strait Islands, and to promote this unique culture to a global audience.

Dance, song and storytelling have been the traditional means of cultural expression of the Torres Strait Islands. More recently these great stories have been translated into a pictorial form, notably by cultural leaders such as Dennis Nona. Born on Badu Island, Dennis Nona has been the leading figure in a movement giving visual expression to an oral tradition, retelling the great stories of the Torres Strait through printmaking.

“At night when we are fishing we sometimes see a light in the water where the turtle or dugong is. This light in the water, the phosphorescence, we call Zag.” Dennis Nona

Donating to ZAG Art Foundation means bringing your support to these artists and their island communities by helping us provide workshops, residencies and programs for training and mentoring. ZAG Art Foundation will also develop exhibitions and special projects in Australia and internationally, increasing the profile of established artists and providing emerging artists with a platform for recognition and advancement. In this way the Foundation seeks to support the financial and cultural life of the communities of the Torres Strait.

ZAG Art Foundation has deductible gift recipient (DGR) status with the Australian Taxation Office. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated and all donations $2.00 or more qualify for a tax deduction.

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We have featured the wonderful artwork of a Florentine artist Riccardo Prosperi – aka “Simafra” on this site. To view his work go to: