Recruitment and search

RBG can place the right people with your organisation with our 3C Recruitment Model which satisfies three factors for success: Company, Candidate, and Connection.

We get to know and understand your business, including your strategic direction and goals, marketplace positioning and company ethos.
We understand that, as your source for talent, we are an extension of your brand and culture. Therefore, when we recruit for you, we ensure that your new resource will add value, knowledge, and work well to support your business goals and culture.
We work with you to develop your client message, define your search requirements and then create a targeted search strategy to find appropriate candidates using various means such as industry, level and database contacts, plus sourcing calls.

Understanding your business needs and goals enables us to find a candidate who can not only fulfill the technical requirements of the position, but who also complements the culture and is able to hit the ground running due to their experience, work ethos and drive.
We also target and nurture passive candidates who, whilst not actively seeking career opportunities, will often be top performers ready to take advantage of a great role presented to them. So, when the time comes, they can be hired with speed and the knowledge that they will benefit your business.

RBG makes a long-term commitment to you, to stand by you through your life stages and business cycles. Our experts in recruitment conduct extensive background research on candidates to ensure the right skills set plus proven track record and experience. We can find you the perfect candidate that aligns with your business strategy.

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