Rental properties and travel expenses

If you have a residential rental property, you are now unlikely to be able to claim a deduction for travel expenses related to this property.

Travel expenses include the costs you incur on car expenses, airfare, taxi, hire car, public transport, accommodation and meals to:

  • inspect, maintain or collect rent for your rental property
  • travel to any other place as long as it is associated with earning rental income from your existing rental property (for example, visiting your real estate agent to discuss about your current rental property).

A residential premise (property) is land or a building that is:

  • occupied as a residence or for residential accommodation
  • intended to be occupied, and is capable of being occupied, as a residence or for residential accommodation.

You can’t claim any deductions for the above costs of travel you incur relating to your residential rental property unless you are either:

  • in the business of letting rental properties
  • an excluded entity.

If you don’t have an ownership interest in the rental property, you can’t claim travel expenses either, even if you travel for the purposes of maintenance or inspections.

We’re here to advise you on the correct deductions for your rental property and the travel expenses you can claim. If you need help or advice, please contact:

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