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Private Clients – Taxation checklists

Many taxpayers are confused about what they are eligible to claim as tax deductions. This confusion may potentially disadvantage a client from receiving legitimate deductions for work and business related expenses.

Every financial year we provide our clients with a comprehensive Taxation Checklist that is updated and current for the relevant financial year. This checklist is a guide only and details expenses that an individual may be able to claim against their assessable income in the financial year. The guide also lists current tax offsets/rebates such as the baby bonus tax offset and educational and medical rebates.

What are tax offsets or rebates?

Tax offsets (sometimes also referred to as rebates) directly reduce the amount of tax you must pay. They are not the same as deductions, which are taken off your income before your tax is worked out.

Basically, there are three types of tax offsets:

  1. Tax relief for personal circumstances (for example, tax offsets for senior Australians and people living in remote areas)
  2. Credit for an amount of tax that has effectively already been paid (for example, credits for franked dividends and foreign tax)
  3. Incentives (for example, the tax offset for mature age workers and the private health insurance rebate)

Personalised Taxation strategies

We offer our clients personalized taxation strategies designed around their business and work related income. Working with you, we carefully review your current income earning potential to determine if there are any opportunities to minimize your tax.

Do read our article on knowing the differences between tax planning, aggressive tax planning schemes and tax evasion.

Mobile taxation service

We will visit your home or office and provide you with the very best taxation and accounting services. Please call us on 02 9380 8300 to arrange an appointment.

To help you, we have provided the following checklists:

Individual Tax Return checklist – DOWNLOAD PDF
Business Tax checklist – DOWNLOAD PDF